COVID-19: Restaurant / bar in Yonkers closed resulting from violations


A popular Westchester restaurant and bar has closed due to multiple COVID-19 complaints and other violations.

The Blue Bar and Grill on North Broadway in Yonkers closed after repeated violations of the New York government. Andrew Cuomo's Executive Order Regarding Maximum Restaurant Occupancy During COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Yonkers Police Department said it had received numerous complaints about the Blue Bar and Grill and the Uptown Bar and Grill on South Broadway because of loud music, disorderly patrons, and possible COVID-19 health violations.

After two investigations, police issued subpoenas for violating COVID-19 requirements for food services and security breaches. Tickets were also distributed to cars double-parked on Broadway.

A joint investigation between police and Yonkers Fire Department also found that Blue Bar and Grill is in violation of the state's COVID-19 mandates and the bar has been closed for licensing violations.

"We understand that our local businesses have struggled over the past few months and look forward to reopening. However, this cannot be at the expense of public health or the quality of life of our residents," said Yonkers Police Commissioner John Sagte Müller.

"The main job of the Yonkers Police Department is crime prevention and public safety. Any person or company that breaks the law will be cited or arrested."

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