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We all have to listen to the sounds of the Yonkers Saint Partick & # 39; s Day Parade on McLean Ave. wait, which has now been canceled The new Yonkers high school football between Force and Brave has to wait until fall.

By Phil Foley

It looks very dubious that we will have a high school basketball and football season in Yonkers this winter and spring this year! This is a tragedy for all high school graduates trying to get scholarships to go to college! Yes folks, the virus strikes again!

Last week I texted Yonkers Athletic Director Jim Rose asking him what was going on with Yonkers HS Sport in general. In a text to me, he said: "No high-risk sports are currently played." Basketball and soccer. Mr. Rose said, "At this point we are doing low-medium risk sports, so we have bowling, boys swimming and exercising." I asked him again in another text about the status of basketball and football and he replied: "No sport is played at this time."

I also texted the Yonkers Force soccer coach Dan Dematteo. I asked Dan what he thought of the situation with football this year and he just said, "I'm starting to get very worried!"

This year, the university sports seasons should be divided as follows: winter sports January-February, autumn sports March-April and spring sports May-June.

Maybe by the grace of God we will have the vaccine given and things will be normal by next fall. Unfortunately for some of our athletes it is too late this year! “Writes Foley.

According to YPS spokesman Jeri Feirstein, the guidelines for contact sports in high schools are set by the state. "If the governor changes policy, we are ready to look into it."

Another important cancellation was made by the parade committee for Yonkers Saint Patrick & # 39; s Day with a letter of January 11th. "Dear members of the parade committee and friends of the parade,

“As we indicated in our October 27 letter, the board will meet in early January to finalize a decision on how to proceed in 2021 with our annual St. Patrick's Day celebration here in Yonkers.

“Of course we would love to hold our big annual parade on McLean Avenue on March 20, 2021 as originally planned, but given the persistence of the pandemic at its current and planned levels, it would be inadvisable to do so. Therefore we unfortunately have to cancel the parade for another year.

"As we said in our last letter, the 2020 parade was so well laid out and ready for action at the time of cancellation that we continue to intend to use these plans as the basis for our next parade, which is now scheduled for Saturday March 19 , 2022. We have spoken with Grand Marshal Pat McCrudden and each of their aides and they remain excited to guide us next year. We all know how disappointing that is and look forward to the day when we can all safely celebrate together again.

Please stay safe and sound, Ursula McIntyre & Deirdre O & # 39; Mara, Co-Chairs of Yonkers St. Patrick & # 39; s Parade on McLean Avenue


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