One arrest, almost 100 summons in Yonker's site visitors particulars


Law enforcement agencies in Westchester handed out dozens of subpoenas against vehicles with fraudulent license plates over the weekend amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials from the Traffic Department of the Yonkers Police Department, the Westchester County Department of Public Safety, and the New York State Police conducted a traffic surveillance detail in Yonkers aimed at fraudulent and counterfeit license plates.

The officers targeted many temporary license plates, paper labels, and license plates assigned by the dealer.

A total of 97 summons were distributed, 30 vehicles were confiscated and a suspect was arrested for a stolen car that was recovered.

Yonkers police officers said that due to the pandemic, the DMV in New York and other states reduced services to avoid spreading the virus, which has resulted in a delay in assigning license plates.

"As services gradually restored, some people took advantage of the situation and produced fraudulent paper and temporary labels on the assumption that prosecution has been postponed," officials said. You were wrong.

“Many of these unregistered, uninspected and uninsured vehicles pose a risk to the public safety of drivers and pedestrians,” they added. "Navigating public services during the pandemic can be complicated, but it is not an excuse for illegal or unlawful behavior."

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