Suspect concentrating on Yonker's properties throughout the break-in


Months after skipping a court appearance on dozens of charges related to a series of break-ins in Westchester, a man was returned and charged on a 47-count charge.

Bronx-based Omar Willis, who two years ago was among three people involved in a break-in in south Westchester, was arrested and released last October. He fled the state but was eventually arrested by Virginia police.

Westchester District Attorney Miriam Rocah said when Willis skipped his charges, an arrest warrant was issued against him. He was taken into custody in Virginia a few weeks ago and is currently in Westchester County Jail.

It is believed that Willis, Latiek Frazier and Thomas Ricketts, both from the Bronx, broke into businesses in Bronxville, Hartsdale, Larchmont, Mount Vernon, Pelham Manor, Rye Brook, Rye City and Yonkers between August 2019 and September 2019.

The three were also charged with 10 different home break-ins and two attempted break-ins in the area.

The three men reportedly used large stones to break windows and gain access to houses.

Once inside, it is alleged that the three would then steal thousands of dollars with items including safes, cash, jewelry, televisions, cameras, designer watches, paperbacks, collectors' baseball cards, personal information, credit cards, and shoes.

During one of the break-ins, the three also stole a $ 100,000 Porsche. In another, they found a 300-pound safe that they tossed down the stairs and dragged away, damaging the interior of the house.

The break-in ended on September 24, 2019 when they were interrupted by a homeowner after breaking into a house in Rye Brook. When caught by the homeowner, they ransacked the residence and stole more than $ 3,000 in cash and other items.

Rocah noted that the three also took items of sentimental value with them during the break-in, including heirloom jewelry and birth certificates, social security cards, and other historical family documents.

"Not only did Willis and his co-defendants steal valuable possessions and ransack their homes, they also robbed 10 families of the safety of their own homes," Rocah said. "Some of these families have lost treasured family keepsakes and irreplaceable family documents that have been passed down through the generations."

Willis, 30, has been charged with:

10 cases of second degree burglary, five cases of great third degree theft, three cases of great second degree theft, two cases of great fourth degree theft, three cases of criminal possession of fifth degree stolen property, fourth degree criminal possession of stolen property, third-degree criminal possession of stolen property, criminal mischief, attempted break-in.

Ricketts, who also failed to appear in court, remains at large and is wanted. Fraizer has been charged and is out on bail. No return date has been announced for Willis.

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