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Editor’s Note: Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner wrote the following, which relates to Yonkers. A photo of the still empty Sprain Lake reservoir above.

Feiner writes, “Wouldn’t it be great if non motorized boating would be allowed on the Sprain when the reservoir has water in it? Many residents have asked –when will Sprain Reservoir be filled with water? Six months ago WCBS TV took some video of the drained reservoir which is located off of Jackson Ave in Greenburgh and continues along the Sprain Parkway to Tuckahoe Road. It’s a beautiful lake but it’s not so beautiful when it is drained. Repairs are being made at the lake and by next year the lake will once again be a great community asset.

“I contacted the office of the Yonkers Mayor and received an almost immediate response. Paul Summerfield indicated that
“4 sluice Gates for the gate house were delivered by tractor trailer last week. These will be installed over the next month. There is one remaining, the lowest one which is larger. The plan is to tackle that when the four upper ones are installed. We are looking to complete that by the end of the year. Once that is done we can close the valve
and begin to fill reservoir. That will spend on how much rain we get.”

“I continue to hope that one day non motorized rowing will be allowed on Sprain Lake. Sprain Lake, once it has water in it, would be an ideal location for rowing, canoeing and kayaking with the supervision of safety launches. It’s my hope that Westchester County, the town of Greenburgh and City of Yonkers can figure out a way to make this happen. We have talked about this but so far no successful outcome. It’s such a missed opportunity. We need more quality recreation opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

“There are numerous college scholarships awarded to those who excel in athletic rowing. If area high schools offered the sport to students it would provide students with more opportunities to learn another sport that can help them get into great colleges. And, there are rowing sports advocates that are willing to make this happen without taxpayer dollars. All they need is approvals.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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