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Yonkers, NY – Yonkers Brewing Co. has unveiled new packaging of their 12 ounce bottled beer. The new look is fun, bright and consistent with the company’s vision to connect the history of innovative Yonkers to the values and creativity of the brewery.

Yonkers IPA is the second beer to debut in bottles. This medium to light bodied India Pale Ale packs grapefruit and stone fruit aromas. The balance is hop-forward, with a clean fermentation profile and dry-ish finish, allowing a creative range of hop character to shine through.

“Not only will the appearance of the packages be noticeably different, customers will also appreciate the new liquid being bottled, namely our IPA and in a few weeks our Shower Time Pale Ale summer seasonal,“ said Nick Califano, Co-Founder and Head of Sales, Yonkers Brewing Co.  “2016 is going to be a colossal year for us when it comes to new releases.”

The packaging displays historic maps of Yonkers, representing different industries that prospered here. “The brewery is rooted in a city with a rich history and we are excited to marry these principles of invention and originality into our branding,” said Jackie Rubbo, Director of Creative, Culture and Chaos at Yonkers Brewing Co.

Yonkers IPA will be available at DeCicco’s Markets, Stew Leonard’s in Yonkers, Portchester Beer and Soda, Beverage Mart in Eastchester as well as restaurants, bars, grocery stores and markets in Westchester, New York City, Rockland County and other counties across New York.

About Yonkers Brewing Company:

Like any other great idea, Yonkers Brewing Co. was thought of with a beer in hand. The concept of brewing came to John Rubbo and Nick Califano after they tirelessly helped their grandfathers make homemade wine. As they exchanged stories about crushing grapes and discussed the intricacy of fermentation, they cracked open a cold beer. As the cap fell off, the lights went on. “Why not just make the sweet nectar we enjoy so much more?” they asked. The generations-old tradition of wine making sparked a fire, and with head brewer, Sharif Taleb, they brewed up a recipe that is now known as their flagship, Yonkers Vienna Lager. Yonkers is always striving for continued improvement, innovation and quality in all they do, including promoting their hometown culture.


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