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High school basketball will be back to practicing this week

By Phil Foley

Yonkers HS Basketball can begin training on Wednesday February 10th. Football will begin with exercises starting on March 8th. A few weeks ago, Governor Cuomo approved the resumption of "high-risk sport".

Yonkers Athletic Director Jim Rose told me that in addition to basketball and soccer, competitive wrestling and cheerleading may also be on the list of approved sports.

For now, Section 1 seeks to tie up all the loose ends and publicize schedules and health protocols. I have been informed that fans are not allowed to participate in sporting events at this time! Mr. Rose reiterated that there are currently no schedules. Wait for section 1.

I asked Trainer Dan Dematteo, the head coach of the Yonkers Force Football team, how many football games are being played this season. He told me he doesn't know how many games he is waiting for Section 1 to clear.

It's great that Cuomo decided to have these sports happen this year. Texas and Florida had soccer seasons and now play basketball with very few problems. These kids need athletics in high school to increase their chances of getting a college scholarship. I've played both soccer and baseball for Lincoln HS and it always gave me a solid foundation in understanding the importance of working as a team. I've worn this all my life!

Our kids deserve to start right away! Yonkers Rising looks forward to keeping you updated on the results of games and events this winter and spring! We feel committed to our students at Yonkers!

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