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The professional criminal who caused a horrific crash for Yonkers that killed four teenagers and himself while running away from police officers would "most likely" have gotten away with just a warning if he had just driven by, police said Thursday.

Detective Lt. Dean Politopoulos told lohud.com on Thursday that police have still not figured out why Devon Haywood fled police officers after officers on patrol saw his 2009 Infiniti sedan drive erratically and tried to shut him down through Tuesday pull.

The police didn't find anything illegal in Haywood's vehicle – and won't know if he was drunk until the Westchester County coroner issues a toxicology report.

Politopoulos said the investigation was still ongoing.

Cops tried to overtake Haywood just after 9:20 p.m., but police said he sped away.

He slammed into a silver Nissan sedan at the intersection of Culver Street in 2006, splitting the car in two, killing all four 18-year-olds – Brandon Sierra, Randy Brisbane, Tamari Watkins and Anthony Cruz.

Haywood was taken to Jacobi Hospital Medical Center, where he died.

Yonker's Crash Victims (clockwise from top left); Brandon Sierra, Randy Brisbane, Anthony Cruz and Tamari WatkinsYonker's Crash Victims (clockwise from top left); Brandon Sierra, Randy Brisbane, Anthony Cruz and Tamari WatkinsFacebook

Records show Haywood has two open criminal cases in Mount Vernon – a gun possession and threat and a separate serious harassment case, both of which stem from a November 19 arrest.

Haywood, nicknamed "Telz" according to authorities, was also sentenced to four years in prison in 2007 after pleading guilty of drug sales.

Politopoulos said the officials who attempted to drag Haywood "have been decommissioned according to internal procedures and are being interviewed about internal affairs," Lohud said.

However, Yonkers Police said in a statement that officers were not involved in a high-speed chase with Haywood prior to the crash.

"Our officers are trained to assess each situation and have resolved this case rather than trying to avoid that exact outcome," the statement said. "The sector car was about 15 seconds behind and not in emergency mode."

The surveillance video that police posted on Facebook on Wednesday shows Haywood's vehicle speeding down Riverdale Avenue with a Yonkers patrol car slowing behind it.

Haywood's family declined to speak to the Post on Thursday, as did the grieving families of the four men killed in the crash.

The mourners held a vigil for the four men late Wednesday.

At least three memorials to the victims were erected on Thursday – two of them at the site of the fatal crash.

Hundreds of candles marked the scene of the vigil.


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