Yonkers PD Sergeant severely injured after chase with stolen autos, crash


A police officer is in dire condition following an accident involving a man driving a stolen vehicle in Westchester.

The incident occurred around 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 29, when an unmarked Yonkers police force was working on a crime-fighting detail in the Central Park Avenue area in response to recent commercial break-ins, which include local car dealerships worked, said Detective Lt. Dean Politopoulos.

Officials watched a white Honda pilot loitering in the area that apparently housed commercial sites. The Honda driver then drove south on Central Park Avenue past several red lights, Politopoulos said.

The officers checked the license plates that were reported as stolen. The unmarked unit attempted to overtake the Honda driver using marked units, but the driver refused to stop and instead fled south at high speed on Central Park Avenue.

Yonkers Police continued to pursue the Honda pilot, found to have been stolen from a Long Island dealer, south to the New York State Thruway.

On the thruway, the Honda driver collided with a marked Yonkers police unit that was being driven by a police sergeant.

Both vehicles were disabled on the thruway; The inmates of the Honda pilot fled on foot on the southern service road and the police sergeant had to be freed. He was taken to a local trauma center with serious but not life threatening injuries, Politopoulos added.

The thruway has been temporarily closed but is now open again.

The police and detectives are actively investigating this incident to develop information to identify and arrest the suspects.

No other injuries were reported.

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