Yonkers Police Division Points Alert For Scammers Impersonating Officers


An alert was issued in Westchester after scammers started spoofing the Yonkers Police Department’s number and impersonating police officers.

The Yonkers Police Department released multiple scam alerts after receiving multiple reports of area residents receiving phone calls from schemers alleging to be officers or government officials and demanding money.

The number comes up on caller ID as the Yonker Police Department, and the scammers have been threatening fines or to arrest callers if they failed to immediately send them cash.

“Scammers are continuing to spoof Yonkers Police telephone numbers and impersonate officers,” police said. “Scammers are spoofing (914) 377-7900 and precinct telephone numbers while threatening fines or arrest.”

According to police, to avoid becoming the victim of a scam, residents should:

Never give your personal bank information to anyone over the television unless you know who you are talking to and the company they work for, or are engaged in a willing and voluntary transaction;Not give in to pressure to take immediate actions – the IRS/government will never call you to demand immediate payment;Hang up on suspicious phone calls;Verify information before taking action by asking family or friends for help.

Anyone who believes they have been victimized has been instructed to call investigators by calling (914) 377-7375.

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