Suspect caught in deadly knife stab by Yonker's shopkeeper


A suspect was arrested and charged with manslaughter after allegedly stabbing a Westchester shopkeeper to death during an argument over a stolen $ 30 hat.

Yonkers Police Department investigators responded to the premier fashion clothing store on New Main Street around 5:40 p.m. on Tuesday April 20th where there was a report of a stinging incident.

Upon arrival, officials found the shopkeeper, 47-year-old city resident Ruben Martinez-Campos, who had multiple stab wounds and was being treated. Martinez-Campos was later taken to a district hospital, where he died of the consequences of the confrontation.

Within 24 hours, police identified a suspect, 21-year-old Tyrese Shubrick, who was arrested without incident in Elmsford on Thursday, April 22nd.

The surveillance video showed Shubrick in the cap on his head inside the store before walking out and then returning to the store. Martinez-Campos then came up to him with a large stick and asked him to return the hat. It was at this point that the shopkeeper suffered the fatal stab wounds.

"I am broken over the tragic and pointless death of Ruben Martinez-Campos, a downtown Yonkers shopkeeper who was stabbed to death after confronting a man who stole a baseball cap from his store," said Miriam Rocah, district attorney from Westchester.

"I know the community shares my relief that the Yonkers Police Department worked diligently with our office to arrest suspect Tyrese Shubrick within 24 hours and is currently detained."

Shubrick was due to be charged with manslaughter on Thursday afternoon, Rocah noted.

“Our men and women in blue did a good job capturing this person. Your quick and accurate work can now put the minds of the area's businesses and residents at ease, "said Mike Spano, Mayor of Yonkers.

"We will continue to invest in measures to keep our neighborhoods safe to prevent such incidents from happening again."

A GoFundMe campaign was launched for the von Campos-Martinez family that raised nearly $ 20,000 in one day. Interested parties can do this Here.

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